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Seattle and Bellevue Domestic Violence Attorneys

A system that starts with a blindside.

The current domestic violence justice system is fast, confusing and often unfair.

All it takes is for a 911 call to be made and the system kicks in with mandatory arrests, no bail jail holds, no contact orders and mandatory court hearings.

No corroboration is required.  The law also does not require corroboration in the form of injury, eyewitnesses or even the consent and support of the alleged victim. Rarely, if ever, is there an investigation into the innocence of the accused person.

Domestic violence doesn't have to be the “classic” drunk husband beating his wife daily. In fact, in 2013, domestic violence prosecutions encompass the most minor of “assaults” such as pushing.

Domestic violence charges, including felony domestic violence charges, are filed when there is no violence at all, such as Harassment, Interfering with Domestic Violence Report, Property Destruction, and Residential Burglary. In many instances our clients aren't even alleged to have been physically violent, the alleged victim doesn't support prosecution and yet “domestic violence” arrests are made and charges filed, including felony domestic violence charges.

While this may be difficult to understand, it is, in fact, how the system works. We understand the system, how it works, and we know how to navigate it to our client's advantage.

We won't let you get blindsided again.

We get on top of the immediate problems of a domestic violence charge

If you are accused of domestic violence, there are sudden and immediate deprivations of your rights that you must move to protect. Days in jail can lead emotional damage and job loss. A no contact order can keep you from your home, belongings and loved ones. There are special domestic violence courts, prosecutors and detectives who have already begun their work. Others are already working against you, it's time to get an attorney working for you and one who is a domestic violence defense attorney.

As domestic violence defense attorneys, we take immediate action to fix the most immediate problems. We work to get you out of jail and back in contact with your loved ones, your home and your belongings. We mobilize quickly to understand if the alleged victim is friend or foe. We identify who your prosecutor and judge are so we can start advocating for you now.

Just as important as responding to problems, we counsel you on what pitfalls and traps exist that you might inadvertently step into as we move forward with your case. Victims advocates call alleged victims and try to find out about past and present “wrongs” and may report those things to prosecutors for additional domestic violence charges or to influence a more severe punishment.

We protect all of your rights

Beyond the immediate problems, the bigger picture has to be addressed. Just like you, we don't want you to be convicted of a crime and lose important rights. It's our job not to let that happen to you. We strive to expose false allegations and get cases dismissed through diligent work. This can be done and we've done it over and over again in courts all over Western Washington. If there is merit to the accusation and you have made a mistake not characteristic of you, we know the optimal ways to get a positive outcome anyway. If there isn't a satisfactory pretrial resolution of dismissal or settlement, we will marshal every bit of information and all rules to your advantage in a hearing before a judge or jury. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is a protection for you and we know how to present those arguments.

We seek the position of the alleged victim.

A “victim” may be heavily invested in the prosecution or very opposed to it. In neither scenario is the outcome of the case certain because the prosecutor is in charge of the charges until a jury or judge takes over. The perspective of the victim does not control the prosecutor but it can influence the prosecutor. We know how to evaluate the different postures an alleged victim may take and to utilize that or neutralize that as needed.

We are among the highest rated and experienced domestic violence defense attorneys in Western Washington

There are special rules, special prosecutors and special courts just for domestic violence accusations. We know those rules, those perspectives and those courts because we've been doing this for many years. We know what is persuasive to court and to prosecutors so we are able to take your side of the story and present it in a way that it will be heard. We know the steps to take, both inside and outside the courtroom, to prepare the best defense possible. Through our own investigations we uncover the evidence that will expose accusations as unreliable or simply fabricated, leading to a favorable settlement being reached or cases dismissed entirely.

Our knowledge and experience have led to numerous successes for our clients. We have found the longer we have practiced, the more experience and successes we can build from to our current client's advantage.

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