Criminal Defense


Our criminal defense practice is focused on young adults and youths with bright futures who are facing criminal charges and need a smart and effective criminal defense attorney. The common crimes young people face are theft, MIP, possession of marijuana or a controlled substance, harassment, assault or felony assault, sexual assault or rape. Convictions for these charges will have immediate short term consequences like jail or probation and long term consequences like loss of jobs, housing, education and stigma. Our goal is get on top of criminal allegations before even the prosecutor receives the file. If that window has passed, our goal is to protect all short and long term interests.


A crime may be charged immediately after arrest or months after arrest. There may be no arrest at all and just a conversation with or call from the police. When there is no charge immediately filed, a common mistake is to believe that nothing is going to happen when actually something is happening. There may be an ongoing criminal investigation or the case may be waiting in the “in box” of a prosecutor who files charges. By the time, the case is reviewed and filed, life may have resumed to normal only to have a criminal summons arrive in the mail. At that very point in time, a public “record” is created and now it is a matter of making sure that record does not become a conviction record.

The police make decisions on minimal evidence. There are often many other witnesses or other information that they have disregarded. All that a prosecutor knows is what the police have given them. If the prosecutor only hears from a few witnesses or one side of the story, the prosecutor will file charges. If we are given an opportunity to influence the prosecutor before charges are filed we jump on that.

Through experience we can comprehensively review an initial police report and find all the holes, weaknesses, and helpful information that has been downplayed or inaccurately portrayed. We then know how to capitalize further on those weaknesses by gathering additional witnesses or other evidence. We have reviewed thousands of police reports and gotten cases dismissed.

The prosecutor’s focus is on accountability and the overall welfare of the community. Our focus is different. Our focus is 100% on our client and our client’s needs and goals. Our job is to persuade the prosecutor, judge or jury that our/your position is the correct position.

Sometimes our clients admit they’ve made a mistake. If so, we don’t let the system run all over our client. Instead, we work to create a lenient result and we’ve done so thousands of times. Sometimes the prosecutor won’t budge, in which case we work the rules of procedure and the power of investigation to create the right result.


Seattle is a city where juries aren’t rubber stamps for the prosecutor’s accusation and they hold the government to its high burden to prove a charge beyond a reasonable doubt. We will take your case to trial and argue for a win. It takes six or twelve people to unanimously agree in proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s a challenge for the government and an opportunity for us.

The police and the courts may act in a courteous and respectful manner but that does not mean they will treat a client with leniency or believe our client. We know how to look through outward appearances and get to the facts and the bottom line that our client’s need to achieve their goals We know to fully understand the allegation, the possible consequences and what is at stake and we keep our client’s goals as our goals.