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How we represent you

Getting to know you and your legal situation

We place a high importance on establishing a relationship of knowledge and trust with our clients. We want to really get to know and understand our clients. We want to know what's at stake and what your goals are. We want to know what information you can provide to us for us to help you. 

Understanding your interests and goals

  • Family and relationship reunification
  • Job and career protection
  • Immigration status protection
  • No detention or jail
  • Maintaining your standing in family law custody disputes
  • Protecting your reputation

Understanding the possibilities

A legal problem is a frightening problem. Not knowing what could happen to you gives rise to all kinds of fears - many of which aren't going to happen. As part of our respectful, client-centered approach, we work to help our clients separate feared possibilities from the real possibilities.

We want to quickly dispel unnecessary fears and mental suffering.  Not all CPS cases mean children will be taken. Not all criminal charges mean time spent in jail. Not all school discipline ends academic programs and learning. 

Based on our experience, we have a pretty good sense of whether your worst fears will come true.  It's often not the case.

We think it's the best approach to help identify the best case scenario and come up with a plan to get there.

Protecting you

After we're on board, you don't need to be at the mercy of your accusers, the court, law enforcement, CPS or other officials.  We handle these communications and insulate you from those stresses.

After we take over, the problem is no longer just happening to you, there's protection and push back in place.

We notify all interested parties that we are your counsel and all communication and information should come to us.

  • If there is a need for you to speak, we discuss when and how that should occur.
  • We interface with all the key players.
  • We prepare you for key meetings and all meetings
  • We prepare you to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
  • We identify the information we need and we get it
  • We minimize court time – ideally, you walk in and you walk out without saying a word.
  • We assert your rights.

Taking care of immediate needs

A warrant, jail or expulsion from your home, family, school or work can be the terrible start to the cases we handle. We work to undo what we can undo now. 

  • Are there officials pressuring you for action or interviews?  
  • Is there a no contact order leaving you without any access to your belongings? 
  • A warrant for your arrest?

We can do things to either remove or mitigate these up front problems. If we can't immediately completely undo some of the urgent problems, we try to mitigate them now and set the foundation to fix them in time. 

Getting all the information

We need to know what we are up against. You may get only a small tidbit of information at the beginning of your legal problem or you may be misled. 

We submit motions, notices and requests using the laws and rules that allow us to find all the relevant helpful information.

Our clients are a great source of information and through a strong relationship and partnership, we work to get all of the information.

Developing and implementing your defense.

Once we know what we are up against, we develop our defense approach.  We determine the information we need and develop that information. 

We track down and interview witnesses, involve experts, obtain evaluations, draft statements, tell you what you can do, and we analyze the law.

The goal is to find a strategy that will work most effectively to get the best outcome.

If we can develop information that causes your accuser to reconsider their position and back off, we do that.

If we can't get voluntary reconsideration, we move in the direction of a contested hearing or trial and focus our energies on wining. 

Sometimes we work parallel approaches.  We think outside of the box. You are unique, your case is unique and we won't limit ourselves in your defense.

Getting your life back.

Through trial, contested hearings or negotiation, we end your legal problem with your interests protected. 

We want your good name protected your education, job and career safe, your family reunited, your liberty intact and life as you knew it restored to you.

We have accomplished that for many, many, many of our clients.

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