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Juvenile Law Results

Dismissal – Juvenile Animal Cruelty Charge

Client was a teenage boy with a stellar academic, family, social and athletic background.  Neighbor's dog was accidentally injured while the client was mowing the lawn. The neighbor and police rushed to judgment and performed a biased and inadequate investigation of the facts. The client was charged and the media was alerted.  After the skilled assistance of a skilled forensic investigator, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss.

Dismissals – Juvenile Felony Child Sex Offense

We have handled many child sex offenses in which she has negotiated the case to a non-sex offense which was ultimately removable from her clients' records and thus, saved them from lifelong stigma, limitation and embarrassment.

Dismissal – Juvenile Felony Explosive Charge

Client was one of several teenagers who looked suspicious in a Bothell park. When the police officer approached him and his friends, he found a pipe bomb in a back pack. Legal research revealed that the officer's detention and search of the teenagers was unlawful.  Prosecutor agreed to dismiss.

Reduction and Diversion – Juvenile Child Pornography

Client was a boy who was allegedly in possession of a large amount of child pornography. The computer evidence was analyzed by an independent examiner and the questionable images were very few.  The client may not have known these images were on his computer. The case was reduced to a misdemeanor and diverted. Client received no detention time or probation.

Reduction and Diversion – Juvenile Felony Explosive Charge

Mercer Island client made a Molotov cocktail and threw it onto a neighbor's property. He was charged with a high level felony that carried more jail time in juvenile court (two years) than he would have received as an adult. Through negotiation the case was drastically reduced and diverted. Client received no detention time or probation.

Reduction and Probation Only – Juvenile Felony Assault with Knife Charge

Client was arrested and charged with felony assault which carried months of incarceration in a juvenile facility as the standard penalty. Client chased a boy out of his house and down the street with a knife. The alleged victim was a bully who provoked the client. The prosecutor agreed to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor and the boy received only probation.

Reduction and Auto Decline Reversal – Juvenile Felony Robbery

Client was a teenage boy who was present with two other boys who allegedly acted in concert by threatening the man with a metal pipe and taking his property.  He was charged with Robbery in the First Degree auto-declined to the adult system where he faced prison. By retaining an expert to track down eye witnesses and controvert other eye witnesses, client was returned to the juvenile system where he received a six month period of probation followed by dismissal of the charge entirely.

Acquittal – Juvenile Felony Arson Charge

Three teenage boys allegedly burned down a porta potty with homemade napalm and the fire damaged other property to the tune of 20k.  After trial and by 100% discrediting the police officer who took the client's alleged confession.  Without a confession, the State was not able to prove client's participation. He was found not guilty.

Acquittal – Felony Assault

Client was alleged to have joined others in substantially beating a classmate.  After trial and argument that client could not have caused substantial injury element of the felony assault, client was acquitted of felony assault.

Acquittals – Juvenile Sex Offense

We have each represented many teenage boys charged with rape of a peer.  In these cases, we have successfully argued in trial that the alleged victim was not credible and our clients have been found not guilty.

Relief from Sex Offender Registration

Client was headed to college and petitioned the court for relief from sex offender registration stemming from a juvenile conviction.  For no reason other than the fact that the client would be in a college setting, the prosecutor opposed the motion to relieve the client from his duty to register.  We employed experts who established that client was no threat to community safety and should not be stigmatized on campus. The court agreed and relieved the client from his duty to register.

Juvenile Sex Offense Referral – Not filed.

Teenager alleged to have forcefully raped a classmate.  The prosecutor declined to file charge after defense evidence of consent presented.

Juvenile Sex Offense Felony charge – Reduced to misdemeanor non-sex offense.

An alleged forceful rape resulted in a misdemeanor assault and a deferred disposition.  The prosecutor substantially reduced the charge after lengthy negotiations.  The case will be dismissed and sealed in one year. No detention time served.

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