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Case Results

Education Defense Results

University and College Level Discipline

University of Washington's Office of Community Standards and Conduct recommended suspension of medical student client.  “Just a suspension” for 3 quarters would have seriously disrupted his program and limited residency options.  We represented the student from the “informal hearing” to the Faculty Appeal Board and then the president of the UW.  The discipline was overturned and the student was exonerated.

School Suspensions and Expulsions

A Garfield High School student was a victim of bullying when he fought back (and won), he was suspended for assault.  The due process hearing was one sided.  When he appealed to the next level, the discipline was overturned and he was returned to school.

A student was the victim of bullying.  He showed a pocket knife and made a “hate list.”.  He was suspended for the remainder of the school.  The suspension was fully overturned at the first hearing.

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