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Case Results

Domestic Violence Results

Domestic Violence Assault – Dismissed.

Prosecutor agreed to dismiss assault case. Evidence presented of alleged victim's violent history and intoxication.

Felony Harassment – Domestic Violence – Dismissed.

Adult son was charged with threatening to kill his mother and malicious mischief for causing damage in the home.  The prosecutor dismissed the case, after defense development of affirmative defenses and mitigating circumstances.

Felony Assault DV Strangulation and Death Threats – Dismissed

Medical student client is accused of strangulation, assault, and threats to kill.  Despite insisting it's all a lie, he's charged with felonies, facing jail, expulsion from the medical school and a domestic violence protection order.  The alleged wife is proven to be a liar via deposition and records. The prosecutor agrees to dismiss the charges entirely.  Medical school penalty was appealed to the president of the University of Washington and overturned. The DV protection order was removed.

Felony Assault with a Gun – Lying Witnesses – Dismissal

Client discovers wife in bed with another man and ousts them with a gun.   Legal defenses coupled with the wife and other man proven to be liars convinced the prosecutor to dismiss all charges.

Assault DV– Defense of Property – Dismissed

An eyewitness reports domestic violence by our client against a woman.  Witness saw a man pulling a woman out of a truck.  The police respond and arrest our client.  We proved that the “assault” was lawful force (protection of property) and the case was dismissed.

Assault DV – Pretrial Motions = Dismissal

Witness reports alleged assault to the police and later recants. Our client faces deportation if convicted. The case is set for trial and we argue legal motions to dismiss on several bases. The court dismisses the charges after granting our pretrial motions.

Assault DV – Lying “Victim” – Dismissal

A husband reports his wife struck him.  She is arrested and he obtains a domestic violence protection order in King County Superior Court.   After protracted investigation we are able to prove to the prosecutor that the husband set his wife up and had lied to both the police but also the 911 dispatcher.

Assault DV – Injuries = Dismissal

Our client is arrested for allegedly pushing his girlfriend's head into the dashboard.  Police arrest our client.  We document our client's injuries which are serious and in locations that prove he was defending himself.  We convince the prosecutor and he dismisses the charge

Assault DV – Immigrant Woman Lies – Dismissal

Immigrant wife claims regular abuse and torture by our client. The prosecutor commenced the case firmly believing that the immigrant woman had been horribly abused and that the client should be both convicted and deported.  After comprehensive investigation and background work , we convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case entirely.

Assault DV – Force to Eject a Trespasser – Dismissal

Boyfriend and girlfriend live together but they maintain separate living areas.  She believed she could go in his space anytime she wanted until the day he pulled her out of his space. He was arrested and charged.  The prosecutor dismissed the charge after accepting the legal argument that his force was lawful.

Seven Counts of Felony DV chargesreduced to two misdemeanors, no probation, and no jail.

Client facing prison time and deportation if convicted. After 3 depositions of the alleged victim and gathering numerous records, prosecutor agrees to drop all felonies, recommend no jail time and no probation. 

Assault DV – Dismissal

Our client was a respected attorney who married a foreign woman.  She married our client to come to the US, he divorced her.  She obtained protection orders against him when he went into court unrepresented by a skilled domestic violence attorney.  She made claims that he violated the protection orders.  Through careful investigation and documentation of her background, we were able to convince the prosecutor that she was not credible and get the case entirely dismissed.

Assault DV – Dismissal

Male client is continually attacked and injured by his wife.  He is arrested after defending himself.  He produces multiple photos of the injuries from her attacks (bite marks, welts, facial scratches, destruction of his property). Case dismissed by the prosecutor.

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