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Domestic Violence In Bellevue

The what's what of domestic violence charges in the City of Bellevue

Nobody wants to be charged with domestic violence. But, if you're facing charges, better to face them in Bellevue.

No felonies.

Bellevue only handles misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor charges.   There are no felonies charged in Bellevue.  Felonies usually carry months to years of jail prison.  For gross misdemeanors, a person can receive as low as zero days in jail. 


In Bellevue, if you are charged with domestic violence, one option might be an SOC - a Stipulated Order of Continuance. This is a formal agreement between the defendant and the prosecutor that involves conditions the defendant will meet in order to get the case dismissed.  It is not a guilty plea or a conviction.  This is also a certain path to dismissal.  This is not an option with felony domestic violence charges. And some courts don't offer SOCs at all.


As with every court and every prosecutor, there is always a chance to get your case just dismissed. This involves the defense attorney working up the case and gathering the right evidence. 

To get a case dismissed, there needs to be strong evidence that undermines the credibility of the main witness, alleged victim.   

There also needs to be a prosecutor who is confident in critically evaluating evidence.

The prosecutor.

The prosecutor in Bellevue is a veteran prosecutor who has handled hundreds of cases. This experience can actually be “good,” relatively speaking.

Veteran prosecutors have perspective to distinguish between the serious criminal defendants and everyone else (moms, dads, technology and software professionals, permanent residents, students, etc). 

In contrast, new prosecutors who have something to prove, tend to hang on to cases to show they are tough. 

Veteran prosecutors feel comfortable cutting deals and dismissing cases because they know evidence and have perspective. 

Respectful treatment.

The clerks, judges, prosecutor and probation, are respectful in Bellevue. 

The good citizen and person swept by false allegations or exceptional circumstances into Bellevue for a domestic violence charge, is treated with respect.

Even if the experience is scary or humiliating, there is no extra humiliation imposed by the court.  At worst, the court is impersonal.  

Also good – the defendant will never have to talk with the clerk, the judge or the prosecutor.

Get Out of Bellevue Court.

All of the above is for perspective and information only.  It is better not to be in Bellevue court than in Bellevue court. For more about how to get a domestic violence charge dismissed, see our blog post on dismissals of domestic violence charges.

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