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Case Results

Criminal Defense Results

In addition to our defense within child abuse and domestic violence, we have represented numerous individuals in municipal and superior court criminal proceedings.

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Client moved to a new address and inadvertently provided the wrong street designation (north vs. south).  He was charged with a felony.  We fixed it and got the underlying requirement to register removed!

Adult Sex Offense

Client was accused of raping a troubled teenage girl.  Thorough background investigation into the girl and probing of her therapist who hypnotized her revealed numerous factors which undermined the girl's credibility.  After extensive discussion with the prosecutor and months of resistance, the prosecution dismissed the charge over the objection of the teenage girl and her family.

Adult Sex Offense

Client was a dentist under investigation for rape.  The police investigation was not thorough. Ms. Burke and her investigator found other witnesses who watched the alleged victim's behavior with the dentist and that suggested consensual activity. The prosecutor stated she would have filed the charge but for Ms. Burke's work.  The charge was not filed and the dentist's career and liberty was saved.

Assault of/by Bouncer

A smallerSeattle Municipal Court charge.  Client drank too much, got into an argument with a bouncer which ended physically.  Through a special legal route, we obtained dismissal of the charge. Assault of bouncer charges are frequent Seattle Municipal Court charges.

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