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COVID-19 -modified fees and services

COVID-19 Impacts, Financial and Health

COVID-19 is a health crisis impacting health, safety, the economy and individual finances. But legal problems still exist and representation is necessary.  Financial access to legal services and protection of health are challenges facing our clients.  We want to provide solutions and help.

Accessing representation

Given the current challenges, we offer some solutions for legal representation:

  • Limited scope representation
  • Modified fee structures
  • Case evaluation, strategy and advising sessions
  • Remote services

Limited Scope Representation

Some legal matters may be handled by limiting the scope of work the attorney does. The attorneys does certain work and the client does other work.

Limiting the scope of work with a clear understanding, reduces the cost to the client. 

Examples of limited scope representation:

  • Advocacy at certain hearings or meetings only
  • Preparation of client to handle meetings or hearings on their own
  • Draft letters for client
  • Draft pleadings, memoranda, motions and/or declarations for client
  • Legal coaching "behind the scenes" on an ongoing basis
  • Standby counsel

Alternative fee structures

Some legal matters can fit into alternative fee structures that are accessible to clients.

  • Flat fee services for predictability.  This sets both a minimum and maximum for attorney and client.
  • Installment payments.  These are staggered to stages of the case or set dates.

Case evaluation, strategy and advising sessions

In some cases, an initial case evaluation and charting a course for the client may meet the client's needs.  This limited scope service can be tailored to effectively and meaningfully address the client's needs. Examples include:

  • Document review
  • Case analysis
  • Client meeting(s)
  • Legal research
  • Charting strategy

Remote services and health

Currently, courts in Washington are closed to almost all non-emergency matters.  Moving forward, as society opens, hearings are likely to be handled in alternative ways such as teleconference, videoconference, etc.

Similarly, to protect health, because Coronavirus can be an asymptomatic disease, we provide virtual services - meeting our clients via phone, Zoom or similar, with client portal, text and email communications.

Full representation

Full representation where the attorney takes the control and lead over all aspects of the case is the gold standard of representation. In many cases, this is necessary to protect and serve our clients. This is the representation we provide to the majority of our clients. 

But during these challenging times, providing flexible effective alternatives to our clients is very important.

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