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Seattle Juvenile Defense Attorney: Types of Cases a Lawyer Can Fight

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The Juvenile Court System in Washington State exists to handle juvenile law matters, known as juvenile offender cases. These cases are criminal law violation charges that a minor may face. The law defines a minor as someone who is less than 18 years old. Generally, a child must be age 12 or older to be charged with a crime, but even children younger than 12 can be charged in some circumstances. Intervention by a skilled Seattle juvenile defense attorney at an early stage of the case can often lead to favorable outcomes for the accused.

Types of Juvenile Offenses

A child may be charged with a juvenile crime in different types of cases. An accomplished Seattle juvenile defense attorney would be equipped to defend your child in the following types of cases:
  • Assault
  • Sex crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Malicious mischief or vandalism
  • Drug charges
  • Weapon charges
  • Burglary or Robbery
  • Theft or shoplifting
  • Harassment or Stalking
  • Property crimes
  • Criminal driving offenses
  • Minor in Possession (MIP) alcohol related crime

Juvenile Sex Crimes

An alleged juvenile sex crime in Washington State can lead to detention and sex offender registration for your child. In King County, all juvenile sex cases are handled in Seattle.  Your Seattle juvenile defense attorney with experience in the following types of felony juvenile sex crimes can negotiate effectively with the Sex Offender Unit of the prosecutors on your child’s behalf:
  • Rape
  • Rape of a Child
  • Indecent liberties
  • Child molestation
  • Sexual misconduct with a minor
  • Communication with a Minor for Immoral Purpose
  • Voyeurism
  • Sexual motivation enhancement felony
  • Solicitation, conspiracy, or attempt to commit a felony sex crime
  • “Sexting”
Conviction for any of these sex offenses will result in legal consequences, including confinement, sex offender registration, community supervision, mandatory sex offender treatment requirements and many lifestyle restrictions. These consequences can have a serious impact on parents and families as well.  It is notable that in Washington State, your child can be charged with a juvenile sex crime even when the alleged victim is of the same age. Age is not a factor in some offenses.  Even consent is not a factor in some cases relating to alleged victims who are younger children.

Juvenile Assault Crimesseattle juvenile defense attorney

Children sometimes get involved in fights, which may result in the filing of juvenile assault charges against your child. Sometimes the alleged victim may not even want a criminal case to be filed, but prosecutors in Washington State can still file charges. As a parent, you should move fast in these cases and engage the services of a trusted Seattle juvenile defense attorney to protect your child’s rights. 1st Degree Assault: If the juvenile assault results in a deformity or permanent injury, it could lead to a charge of Assault 1, which is a Class A felony. This is considered the most serious type of juvenile felony offense. 2nd Degree Assault: A serious injury, such as a broken bone, in an alleged assault may result in a charge of Assault 2, which is a Class B felony. If the assault involves hands to the throat or a weapon, injury is not a requisite. 3rd Degree Assault: An alleged assault on a law enforcement officer or a person on public service duty may lead to a charge of Assault 3, which is a Class C felony. This charge may also occur if bodily injury or prolonged physical suffering and “criminal negligence” is involved. 4th Degree Assault: This is a gross misdemeanor charge, which may be filed even when no injury is involved. This level of assault only requires an intentional offensive or unwanted touching. If Assault 4 takes place with sexual motivation, it will not be considered a juvenile sex crime in the legal sense.

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