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4 Reasons to Get a Lawyer For Restraining Order Defense Seattle

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Washington State law has created several mechanisms that enable an individual to obtain a protection order. These are court-issued orders aimed at preventing one individual from contact with another individual or multiple protected persons, including shared children. If these orders are violated, the restrained person can be arrested, taken to jail, and charged with a crime. If you are faced with the imposition of any type of protection order, you should consult with a competent lawyer for restraining order defense Seattle.

Why Do You Need an Attorney for Restraining Order Defense?

When a protection order is imposed on you in Washington State, the consequences can go well beyond mere prohibition from contact with the other party. Here are a few key reasons why it makes sense to have a skilled attorney on your side for restraining order defense Seattle:
  • Apart from prohibiting your contact with the other party, a court may use its authority to impose a variety of other conditions with the protection order. These may include paying the legal costs of the other party, electronic monitoring, participation in a treatment program, and loss of the right to possess a firearm.
  • The protection order will be made available in publicly accessible records. It could have an adverse impact for years to come with regard to critical issues, such as parenting, housing, and employment. Moreover, it may lead to social and reputational challenges for you in many ways, including social media cancel culture.
  • When a protection order is imposed on you, it comes with a serious legal obligation to abide by it. The requirements of the order will be stringent, and even a slight error, forgetfulness, or routine innocent behavior on your part that violates the order could result in serious criminal and other consequences for you.
  • The fact that a protection order exists against you, could create a bias against you in work or housing. Or, it can influence the judgment or opinion of a judge, jury, police or prosecutor in other situations when they are assessing the protected party’s accusations against you
  • A protection order can also restrict you from the things and people that are dear to you. You can be restricted from having any contact with your own children. Or, you can be forced to move from your own home or church. Firearm prohibitions can keep you from family members and participating in family traditions, such as hunting.
The stakes are high in this type of case in Washington State. The best way to protect your rights would be to hire a proven and dependable lawyer for your restraining order defense Seattle.

Types of Protection Orders

The courts in Washington State can issue various types of protection orders, which include:
  • restraining order defense seattleDomestic Violence Order of Protection: The court can issue this civil order when one family or household member or intimate partner makes the request for this order against another and alleges that he or she has been a victim of domestic violence.
  • No Contact Order: This type of order is usually issued by the court during a criminal proceeding. It will prohibit the defendant in a criminal case from contacting the alleged victim.
  • Sexual Assault Protection Order: The court may issue this civil order if the alleged victim of sexual assault alleges that a Respondent has sexually assaulted them.
  • Anti-Harassment Protection Order: When a person alleges they have been harassed by another person, they may request the court issue an order prohibiting the other person from contacting them, keeping them under surveillance, or harassing them. Parents can seek these orders on behalf of their child against another child.
  • Stalking Protection Order: If a person alleges and proves they are being stalked, a court can issue a Stalking Protection Order against the Respondent which keeps them from being able to have contact, go near or surveil the protected person.
  • Restraining Order: This order is usually issued during divorce proceedings involving matters such as child custody, property division, and selling of assets.

Legal Representation for Restraining Order Defense Seattle

At Burke Brown Attorneys, PLLC, we have the skills and experience to represent either side in protection order cases. We work hard to bring all relevant facts to the attention of the court and present your case with an acumen to obtain the best possible result. Book a consultation by calling us at 206-933-2414 or use this contact form.

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