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Posted by Liza Burke | Mar 15, 2019 | 0 comments

DV arrests, incomplete evidence and rush filed domestic violence charges. The unfortunate thing about DV arrests is that they happen with little  police investigation. The prosecutor files charges with only the information from the police.  Arrest and charging decisions are made by police and prosecutors daily, quickly and without all of the evidence. This is not good. But charges filed without all the evidence, might have a greater chance of getting dismissed. The prosecutor has the power to dismiss cases. The prosecutor dismisses cases, not the alleged victim.  There is a common misunderstanding in domestic violence charges that the victim


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PROTECTION ORDER PROCEEDINGS SEEM DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE. The petitioner can go to court, make statements without any additional proof and get a temporary order. It's that easy.  A respondent can reply similarly. But without proof, it becomes a swearing contest - which is risky.  It's easy to lose that contest. Courts respond to proof.   THE DANGER OF ASSUMPTIONS Lies that are obvious to a respondent, aren't always obvious to a judge.  They just aren't.   A judge may accept someone may be minimizing, distorting or outright lying.  But they won't necessarily take the respondent's word for it. This is when a