We have nearly 40 years combined experience of successfully defending people against the most serious of accusations.

We have saved thousands of careers, families, educations and reputations. Our careers were built in Seattle’s high volume urban courts. We’ve successfully defended hundreds of clients from all works of life, from people on low incomes to CEOs.

We’ve appeared before all types of judges and interacted with hundreds of other attorneys and prosecutors. As a result of our experience, we have built upon our successes and are highly rated by our clients and have received professional recognition and respect for our work on behalf of our clients.


We aren’t new, unknown or dismissed by the players involved in your case. We are respected professionals, with reputations and professional skills that we have built conscientiously over time.

We’ve represented family members of judges and prosecutors which is the height of respect for our work.

Respect, knowledge and professionalism earn points in courts, with prosecutors. If our word is dismissed, your word is dismissed.

We marshal our reputations, our integrity, and a professional approach for your maximum benefit.


We know the bottom line is success but that fees are of concern to you.

We are not the most expensive attorneys and we are not the cheapest attorneys. If your primary concern is financial and are looking for the cheapest attorney, we are probably not for you.

We provide experienced professional services at rates in keeping with attorneys who have 20 years of experience and successes.

We also know when it comes to fees, the sky is not the limit. We work with you up front to understand your financial parameters. From the beginning, we try to anticipate all the work that will be involved so that we can provide financial predictability to you.

If there are contingencies that may increase your fees beyond what we expect, we try to identify those also.


Each of us focuses on discreet practice areas within criminal defense, education law and juvenile law. We don’t purport to handle everything or every client.

We will turn down cases that fall outside our areas of knowledge and skill even if you want us and offer to pay us – we don’t “wing it” with our clients.

Our clients are most frequently professionals and career oriented people, young people with promising futures, and good parents with families they love. We know the needs of our clients in those areas and we know the systems involved in those areas. We know the hidden traps and we know the areas to work and how to work them.

We stick to the areas we know and know well.


Being accused of a crime or other wrongdoing is a highly stressful experience. Of course, a successful result is the goal but the process to get there can be anxiety producing.

The system can be fast, formidable and unfair. The laws are open to interpretation and it can feel as though your guilt has been decided before you’ve even said a word.

  • From the moment you contact us, we work to alleviate anxieties and concerns.
  • We start with framing your legal problem into best case and worst case scenario.
  • You’ll have us on your side and we take over the work that must be done. We handle the difficult communications.
  • We develop and provide the information that is necessary.
  • We speak for you in court.
  • We prepare you for court and minimize your time in court.
  • We address your questions and your needs throughout the representation.
  • We address the problems that affect you now and keep you as informed as you want to be while we work your case.

We are here to get you through the experience with as little impact to your or your loved one’s life as possible.


There is no one set solution because no case or client is the same. Outside the box approaches are the key to most business success. We believe the same applies to our client’s legal cases.

We are trained and experienced lawyers who are ready to reach the right result by finding creative defenses to employ at trial.

We may use a combination of equitable and legal arguments to negotiate a settlement. We will take whatever approach or combination of approaches that gets the best result.

If advantageous, we can assemble a team of other individuals to pursue and strengthen your defense. When needed, we can call on experts with skills tailored to your case, such as investigators, psychologists and specialized doctors that we have successfully worked with over the years.

A combination of team members, approaches, goals and back up plans are what we’ll employ to get you the best result.