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Dana Brown

With over 20 years of experience practicing law, Dana Brown brings knowledge and wisdom to every case she handles. Her breadth of experience serves as a platform for the tenacity and attention to detail that produces successful results and satisfied clients. She is recognized as a formidable advocate by police, prosecutors, opposing counsel and court staff.

While starting her legal career on the east coast, Ms. Brown began practicing criminal law in the Pacific Northwest in 1994. Her practice areas include adult and juvenile defense of both misdemeanor and felony crimes. Her positive reputation in conjunction with her experience in a wide variety of courts is a potent combination.

Her experience also includes civil court representation for those accused of child abuse or neglect, often referred to as Dependency actions or CPS investigations. Her criminal defense background is exceptionally beneficial for clients accused of child abuse or neglect in this arena in that she can protect and defend her clients' constitutional rights and advise and protect her client if there is a contemporaneous criminal investigation, or threat of one. She is highly regarded for exceptional outcomes in complex dependencies involving alleged medical neglect or abuse of toddlers and infants.

Dana's background in drug and alcohol abuse and addiction provides another layer of experience for advancing her client's interest. As a former member of King County Drug Diversion Court , also acting as attorney supervisor, Dana gained a strong appreciation and understanding of the role drugs and alcohol in accused person's life. Her broad knowledge of the sentencing alternatives and treatment courts available have made the difference in the outcome for many of her clients.

Dana is also active in the legal community. She is currently a member of the King County Bar Association's Judicial Candidate Evaluation Committee which assists the public by providing ratings for judicial candidates. She was also a member for the Washington State Bar Association Character and Fitness Board which protects the public by ensuring that law students and other applicants are of good moral character and fitness prior to their admission into the practice of law in Washington state. She is also a member of the Washington Defender Association and the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Dana is also a member of the Education Law Association, a national group for those practicing education law and protecting the rights of students in both private and public school whether in K-12, college, or university. In conjunction with her criminal defense practice, Dana represents students alleged to have violated the student conduct code and facing suspension or expulsion. Dana's knowledge of school law and effective communication skills have proven to be a robust combination in dealing with school administrators. Her ability to contemporaneously handle simultaneous criminal investigations arising out of the same alleged conduct has saved her clients from having to hire two lawyers instead of one.

Peer Endorsements:

“Dana is highly respected by all parties in the system- from the judge to the prosecutor, treatment providers, court staff, clients and fellow attorneys. “I know firsthand the kind of work she does for her clients and it is unparalleled. She is thoughtful, reasoned, and not afraid to speak her mind. She has great communication skills and is highly emotionally intelligent.” – Martha Walton


  • Student Defense

    When our Special Needs son was expelled, then placed into a undefined status, and the information from the school system kept changing with each of our inquiries, we were at our wits end until we found Dana. She helped us manage each aspect of the incident and the ensuing responses from the schoo...
  • Student Defense

    "Dana was wonderful for us. She helped us navigate the complexities of appealing a discipline decision which is less about law and more about policy. She was clear headed practical and focused at achieving our goal. She kept my wife and I sane and balanced as we went through a nerve wracking proc...
  • Child Abuse Defense

    Dana was such a blessing for us – we were wrongfully accused of child abuse and were humiliated to have to discuss the topic – even with our lawyer. We didn't feel anyone would believe us. But Dana was so empathetic. Right away we felt we could trust her and that she was going to fight for us. Sh...
  • Student Defense

    Dana was so great to work with. Dana helped us through a school discipline matter and at the same time defended our son from criminal prosecution. She really listened to our sons’ side of the story, and got to know him. I’ve never met a lawyer with this much compassion. She went over all of o...
  • CPS Client

    I had referred a case involving a CPS investigation to Ms. Brown, which concluded with CPS having no findings/unfounded. Ms. Brown explained the entire process, was very professional, and detail oriented. She was careful and diligent in protecting my rights as a parent. Dealing with Ms. Brown hel...
  • Juvenile Criminal Defense

    When a neighbor accused my child of vandalism I went to Dana Brown. She helped explain what we could expect if there was a charge and implications if charges were filed. She treated my child with the utmost respect while educating us about the judicial system. I have had peace of mind since Dana ...
  • Child Abuse Defense

    Dana was readily available on the spot: She was persistent, demanding and professional @ all times: Dealing with CPS, you have to be. And when the case spilled over to both Civil/ Criminal courts, including UI benefits, she assisted with that as well! In the end, the outcome is what matters: Clea...
  • Child Abuse Defense

    It's been just about two years since our trial ended and I always think about it a lot this time of year, so I thought I would just send you a quick hello. You're still a hero at our house. :)
  • Criminal Defense Client

    "Ms. Brown is by far the best criminal defense attorney! She really listens, her defense tactics are incredible. She is so knowledgeable and always kept me informed. She is very easy to talk to, and really puts your mind at ease. Keep up the good work Dana!"

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