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2019 Case Dismissals

2019 has been a successful year for our clients.  So far, we have had multiple cases dismissed in our practice areas in and in many courts.

King County Superior Court Felony Dismissal:

State v. M.L. - Felony Assault DV strangulation, a "strike offense." Dismissed after defense investigation and negotiation and advocacy with prosecutor. Case dismissed "in the interests of justice." March 1, 2019.

Seattle Municipal Court Dismissals:

City v. J.M.  - Assault Domestic Violence. Dismissed by the prosecutor after we developed and presented the factual and mitigating circumstances to support dropping the charge. January 2019.

City v. A.P. - Assault Domestic Violence. This New Year's Eve arrest and charge was dismissed by the prosecutor after we exposed the bias and tainted investigation of our client by the Seattle Police Department. February 19, 2019.

City v. S.P. - Assault Domestic Violence, Theft Domestic Violence, Interfering with Domestic Violence Reporting, Resisting Arrest, Assault on Police Officer. All five charges dropped entirely after extensive negotiation with the prosecutor. February 27, 2019.

CPS child abuse findings dismissed:

In re S.S. -  Finding of child abuse reversed after assistant attorney general agreed that the evidence was insufficient. January 23, 2019.

Protection Order Dismissals:

K.G. v. J.B. (minor) - Anti-harassment protection order against our minor client dropped pursuant to successful negotiation initiated by Respondent.  February 26, 2019.

No Criminal Charges Filed:

F.C. - Our lawyer client was facing disbarment if charged and convicted.  No charges filed. Extensive investigation and background work convinced the King County Prosecuting Attorney's DV filing deputy to decline to file felony charges. January 2019.

Issaquah Municipal Court Dismissal:

City v. B.W. - Assault Domestic Violence. Dismissed after presentation of mitigating circumstances supporting dismissal in the interests of justice. February 2019.

Bellevue Municipal Court Dismissal:

City v. S.C. - Assault Domestic Violence. Dismissed after negotiation. March 8, 2019.

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