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  • High Stakes Defense

    The stakes are high when your liberty, education, family and future is on the line. We defend and protect our clients in criminal, civil and administrative settings. We can help you.

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  • Positive Outcomes

    Overwhelming legal situations can and do have positive outcomes. Even the most difficult cases can be settled on good terms, charges can be dismissed or reduced, hearings and trials can be won. We can help you.

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  • The Right Experience

    We’ve successfully represented thousands of clients facing difficult legal cases that threaten all the things important to them. We bring our collective experiences with past cases to bear on your case. We are confident we have a strategy that will work for you.

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Thank You for Giving Me My Life Back

When I was faced with a domestic violence charge, I found myself lost and confused and didn't know where to turn. I feel so blessed that I found Liza.

Falsely Accused of Child Abuse

With Dana's guidance I was able to overturn the "founded" ruling from CPS and clear my name. I couldn't have done it without her.

Strong Advocate & Dedicated Attorney

Liza is an outstanding attorney. She helped defend me in a very stressful domestic violence protection order case and was extremely responsive, dedicated and aggressive.

Changed My Son's Life

Dana's expertise and competence was phenomenal. She was able to help my son in profound ways, that many others could not.

Our Mission is to Help You

Keeping the Things That Are Important to You

Convictions, findings of abuse, protection orders and setbacks in education threaten jobs and careers and families.  But there are solutions and we can develop them, working with you. 

Our Experience Benefits You

We've helped thousands of clients with varied problems over our 40+ years of combined experience.  We're primarily defense but we have been on the offense too.  We draw from years of successful ideas and strategies for our clients.

Help with What's Happening to You Now

Arrests, no contact orders, temporary orders and emergency actions happen up front and can make life very hard.  There are ways to manage and minimize those initial impacts as we work toward the ultimate positive outcome.

Bringing Perspective for Your Peace of Mind

We don't want our clients paralyzed by fears of unknown terrible fates.  Just some experienced perspective up front will alleviate a lot of the emotional pain and let you sleep better. 

Falsely Accused or Mistakes and Bad Moments

Evidence or mitigating circumstances or both will be brought to bear for your defense.  False accusations will be fought with investigation and evidence.  Sometimes people make mistakes or have a bad moment and solutions are found through both evidence and mitigation.

There are no judgments in our firm, we are squarely on your side.

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Trusted, Respected and Committed.

We are trusted and respected professionals. Other lawyers and professionals often recommend us because we have a reputation for resolving emotionally and legally complex cases with a high degree of skill and care. We maintain a consistently high level of client confidence and satisfaction.

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From our offices in downtown Seattle, we serve clients throughout King county and beyond who need effective, supportive and respectful legal defense or representation. Reach out to learn how we can best serve you.